Shadow Storage: Comprehensive Boat Storage in Sprague, WA

Shadow Storage in Sprague, WA, is proud to offer an array of boat storage solutions that cater to different boating lifestyles. Our facility is designed to ensure the safety and maintenance of your vessel, whether you're looking for secure storage during the off-season or a convenient spot for more frequent access.

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Tailored Boat Storage Options in Sprague

Enclosed Boat Storage

Robust Enclosed Boat Storage for Maximum Protection

Our Sprague location offers enclosed boat storage units, perfect for those who demand the highest level of security and protection for their boats. These climate-controlled units are ideal for safeguarding your vessel from environmental and security risks, especially for extended storage periods.

Covered Boat Storage

Convenient Covered Boat Storage for Regular Boaters

The covered boat storage options at Shadow Storage in Sprague offer a great mix of accessibility and protection. These units are designed to keep your boat sheltered from the elements while maintaining easy access, suitable for regular boaters who need quick and convenient use of their vessel.

Outdoor Boat Storage

Spacious Outdoor Boat Storage for Accessibility

Our outdoor boat storage in Sprague provides a secure yet accessible option for various boat sizes. These open-air spaces are ideal for those who prefer a more straightforward storage solution, offering both security and ease of access for your boating needs.


Discover the Ideal Boat Storage at Shadow Storage in Sprague, WA

At Shadow Storage in Sprague, WA, we are committed to offering a range of boat storage solutions to suit your requirements. Our commitment to security, flexibility, and customer service ensures your boat is in the best hands. Contact us today to explore our storage options and secure the perfect spot for your vessel.

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