We'll maintain your boat, so you can truly enjoy it!

Join countless boaters who trust Shadow Storage with their boats to maximize their summer fun!

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We'll maintain your boat, so you can truly enjoy it!

Join countless boaters who trust Shadow Storage with their boats to maximize their summer fun!

Our all-inclusive package

We'll pick up your boat in the fall, return it in the spring, and do everything required inbetween

Base Package Includes:

  • Pick-Up Your Boat From Your Home, Marina, Or Storage Facility

  • Winterize Engine and Change Oil

  • Disconnect and Store Your Battery Indoors

  • Indoor Storage, Covered Storage, or Outdoor Storage with Shrink Wrap

  • Spring Engine Services

  • Complimentary Trailer Inspection

  • Spring Delivery To Your Home, Marina, Or Storage Facility

  • Returned With Full Tank Of Gas

Add-On Services Include:

  • Acid Wash Your Boat's Hull (Fall)

  • Winterization of Kicker Motor (Fall)

  • Climate Contolled Storage of Items in Your Boat (life jackets, ropes, towels, water toys)

  • Interior Detailing of Boat (Spring)

  • Soap Wash Your Boat's Hull (Spring)

  • Hull Wax & Buff (Spring)

  • Hull Cut, Wax, & Buff (Spring)


I Have A Garage At My House and Don't Need Storage.

That's completely okay! We'd love to pull your boat from the water, perform all winterization services, and then park the boat in your garage for the winter.

In the spring, we'll coordinate a pick up date, and provide all spring services and then launch your boat for you!

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What Does Your Winterization Package Include?

Our winterization package includes the following services for I/O engines: Battery Removal and Storage, Fuel Treatment, Fogging Your Engine, Draining the Engine Block Manifold, Draining Your Water Pump, Disconnecting All Hoses and Draining, Changing Engine Oil & Filter, and Lubing Your Grease Fittings.

For outboards, our service includes: Battery Removal and Storage, Fuel Treatment, Fogging Your Engine, Changing Engine Oil & Filter, and Lubing Your Grease Fittings.

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What Kind Of Boats Can Be Enrolled In Your All Inclusive Package?

Whether you have a pontoon boat, bowrider, cabin cruiser, or wake/ski boat, we can take care of it this off season for you! Over the last 22 years, we've seen and taken care of every type of boat under the sun.

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What Is The Largest Boat That Can Be Enrolled In The Program?

If your boat is under 12,500 lbs and has a beam (width) of 8'6" or less, we can pickup and deliver it for you in-house with our trucks. If your boat is larger than this in weight or size, we have a service partner that can tow your boat to our facility.

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Where Will My Boat Be Physically Stored?

Great question! Our facility is located at 44300 State Route 25N in Davenport.

Our facility is equipped with a 6' perimeter fence (topped with barbed wire as an added security measure), gated keypad access, security cameras, and security lighting. As an added measure, our manager lives on site to ensure our customer's vehicles are receiving the offseason care and attention they deserve.

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I Don't Want My Boat Shrink Wrapped Because It Causes Mold To Grow.

This is a common comment we hear, and it entirely depends on who wraps your boat. Our shrink wrap team has been wrapping boats for over 8 years using a technique we created in house to prevent mold growth. Our wraps breathe, allowing humid air to escape and fresh air to enter under the wrap.

With over 1,000 wraps under our belt, we've never had a customer unwrap their boat in the spring and find mold!

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I Want My Boat Stored Inside. Do You Have Indoor Storage?

Yes! We have 30' and 40' enclosed units available for an additional fee ontop of the package price.

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I Want More Than / Less Than 8 Months Of Storage.

Our All Inclusive Package includes storage from Labor Day until Memorial Day but this doesn't mean you have to schedule pick up then. If you want to use your boat in October and then we pick it up after, we completely understand!

If you'd like to store with us through the summer, we offer storage year round.

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What Do I Do With My Trailer In The Summer?

We'll store it! After we launch your boat in the spring, we can store your trailer in our facility until it's time to pull your boat out of the water!

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I Want My Boat Serviced At The Dealer. Can You Coordinate That?

We'd love to! For an additional towing fee, we can pull your boat and drop it off at the dealer in Spokane. Once services are complete, we'll pick it up and bring it to our facility for storage. In the spring, we'll drop it off again for servicing and then launch your boat for you!

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I Have A Pontoon Boat. Can You Clean And Polish The Pontoons?

Of course! We'd love to remove any dirt and grime off of your pontoons and restore them to a shiny condition!

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What Is An Acid Wash? Does This Damage My Boat?

An Acid Wash is a common service performed in the fall with marine grade cleaning solutions on a boat's hull after it's been in the water all summer. The mildew and organic matter that builds up on your hull is not only ugly, but affects your boat's performance and increases fuel burn. At Shadow, we use marine grade cleaning solutions to quickly remove all organic matter on your hull without damaging the gelcoat of your boat.

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What Do I Do With My Life Jackets, Ropes, And Anything Else In My Boat? I Don't Want Them Sitting In My Boat All Winter.

Our customers have a couple of options. If you'd like to keep them in your possession, you are more than welcome to remove them from your boat prior to pickup. Anything left in the boat at pickup will be removed, tagged so we know it's yours, and stored inside a climate and humidity controlled building at our facility. In the spring, we'll place them back in your boat prior to delivery or launching.

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Individual Services

All-in-One Boat & RV Storage: We Handle Everything, So You Don't Have To

  • Indoor, Covered, and Outdoor Boat/RV Storage

  • Household Storage

  • Boat & RV Shrink Wrap

  • Boat Engine Winterization and Mechanical Services

  • RV Winterization

  • Exterior Cleaning & Discoloration Removal

  • Interior Detailing

  • Boat Cutting, Waxing, and Buffing

  • Boat Pick-Up, Delivery, & Custom Transport

  • On The On-The-Water Winter Care Plan at Two Rivers Marina

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