Protect Your Boat This Winter With Shadow Storage's On-The-Water Winter Care Plans

Ensure your boat stays afloat this off season

Serving Lake Roosevelt anD Two Rivers Marina

How The On-The-Water Winter Care Program Works

Silver Package

  • Snow Removal

    After every snow storm, we clear the snow off of your boat's cover or self-installed shrink wrap, removing the excess weight from your boat

  • Weekly Check-In

    Once a week, plus before and after every snow storm, we will check in with your boat to make sure everything is okay. We'll even send you video updates via text message!

Gold Package

  • Benefits of Our Silver Package

  • Shrink Wrap

    Our customizable shrink wrap solutions ensure your boat remains protected from the rain, snow, and ice this winter.

    We guarantee our shrink wrap will last through the winter - if it doesn't, we'll fix it for free!

New For 2024 - We're Offering Interest-Free Payment Plans For Our Gold Package

Interest-Free Payment Plan Schedule

  • $500 Due At Booking

  • October 1st: 33% of Remaining Balance Due

  • February 1st: 33% of Remaining Balance Due

  • April 1st: 33% of Remaining Balance Due

$1400 Shrink Wrap Example

  • $500 Due At Booking

  • October 1st: $300 Due

  • February 1st: $300 Due

  • April 1st: $300 Due

During the 2022-2023 Winter, Five Boats Sank on Lake Roosevelt. Ensure Yours Isn't Next!

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