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Shadow Storage is excited to offer premier outdoor boat storage solutions in Othello, WA, designed for boat owners seeking unparalleled security, accessibility, and a storage service customized to their specific needs. Our modern facility is prepared to accommodate a diverse range of boat sizes, ensuring each vessel is stored in optimal conditions. Choosing Shadow Storage means entrusting your boat to a team that is deeply committed to the safety, maintenance, and preparedness of your vessel for your next excursion.

outdoor boat storage othello, wa

Superior Security Systems

Our Othello location is recognized for its superior security systems. Incorporating advanced surveillance technology, electronic gate access, and ample lighting, we ensure a highly secure environment for your boat. Our dedication to implementing robust security measures is a reflection of our commitment to providing you with a storage solution where peace of mind is a priority.

Tailored Storage Offerings

Acknowledging the individual storage needs of boat owners in Othello, Shadow Storage presents tailored storage offerings. Our facility is capable of housing everything from small personal watercraft to large yachts, with various storage options that are designed to meet your boat's unique requirements. This personalized approach to boat storage emphasizes our dedication to delivering a solution that perfectly fits your needs.

Round-the-Clock Access

Ensuring round-the-clock access to your boat, Shadow Storage in Othello facilitates your boating activities at your convenience. Our facility's strategic layout and flexible operating hours are centered around your needs, allowing for effortless boat retrieval and storage, thus enhancing your boating experience.

Latest in Security Upgrades

Committed to the ongoing protection of your boat, Shadow Storage continually invests in the latest security upgrades at our Othello site. By adopting cutting-edge surveillance and alarm technologies, we offer the highest level of protection for your vessel, showcasing our proactive approach to ensuring storage security.

Flexible Leasing Options

Shadow Storage offers flexible leasing options to accommodate the varied storage requirements of the Othello boating community. Whether you're in need of short-term storage for the off-season or a more permanent arrangement, our adaptable plans are designed to provide the versatility and convenience you require, ensuring a seamless fit for your storage needs.

Dedicated Boat Care Team

Our facility in Othello features a team of dedicated boat care professionals, whose expertise and passion for boating drive them to deliver exceptional service. Their commitment to providing meticulous attention ensures that each boat stored with us receives the best possible care, maintaining our high standard of service excellence.

Easy Booking Process

Securing outdoor boat storage in Othello, WA, is easy and hassle-free with Shadow Storage. Our user-friendly online booking platform, combined with our attentive customer service team, ensures a smooth reservation process, enabling you to quickly arrange a secure and convenient storage solution for your boat.


Choosing Shadow Storage for your outdoor boat storage needs in Othello, WA, means opting for a facility known for providing secure, accessible, and personalized storage solutions. We are dedicated to ensuring your boat is well-protected, well-maintained, and ready for your next adventure on the water. Contact Shadow Storage today to reserve your space and experience the highest level of boat storage care and service.


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