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Shadow Storage introduces top-tier outdoor boat storage solutions to Cheney, WA, designed for discerning boat owners who prioritize security, convenience, and quality service. Our facility is ready to accommodate a diverse range of boats, ensuring they are protected and maintained in optimal condition. By partnering with Shadow Storage, you're selecting a service that views the care and readiness of your vessel as paramount, ensuring you're always prepared for your next voyage.

outdoor boat storage cheney, wa

Advanced Security Features

In Cheney, Shadow Storage is synonymous with advanced security features. Our facility employs comprehensive surveillance systems, secure entry points, and ample lighting to safeguard your vessel around the clock. We are committed to providing a secure environment that offers boat owners peace of mind, knowing their prized possessions are well-protected.

Tailored Storage Solutions

Understanding the varied needs of boat owners, Shadow Storage in Cheney offers tailored storage solutions. Our facility can host everything from small recreational boats to sizable yachts, ensuring a suitable space for every type of vessel. Our approach to flexible storage solutions underscores our commitment to meeting your specific storage requirements.

24/7 Boat Accessibility

At Shadow Storage, we ensure 24/7 accessibility to your stored boat, supporting both spontaneous and planned outings. Our Cheney facility is designed for your convenience, facilitating easy boat access whenever the desire or necessity arises, so your boating plans are always within reach.

Implementing Security Innovations

We pride ourselves on implementing security innovations at our Cheney location to keep your boat safe. Our facility is equipped with the most current surveillance technology and security measures, providing a fortress-like environment for your boat and setting a new standard in storage security.

Adjustable Leasing Options

Shadow Storage in Cheney recognizes the importance of flexible leasing options. Catering to both seasonal and year-round storage needs, our leasing plans are adaptable, allowing you to customize your storage term based on your unique boating schedule and preferences.

Skilled Storage Professionals

Our Cheney team consists of skilled storage professionals dedicated to the care and management of your boat. Their expertise ensures that every boat is treated with the highest level of care, reflecting our overarching ethos of professionalism and passion for boating.

Simplified Reservation Process

We've simplified the reservation process at Shadow Storage, making it effortless to secure outdoor boat storage in Cheney, WA. Our efficient online system and attentive customer service streamline the booking process, enabling you to quickly arrange secure and reliable storage for your boat.


Shadow Storage is your premier choice for outdoor boat storage in Cheney, WA, offering a blend of unparalleled security, custom storage solutions, and constant accessibility. We dedicate ourselves to providing a storage experience that keeps your boat safe, secure, and ready for the water at a moment's notice. Reach out to Shadow Storage today to secure your spot and take advantage of the peace of mind that comes with expert boat care.


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