Expert Outboard Repair Services in Wilbur, WA

Shadow Storage, your reliable outboard repair service in Wilbur, WA, provides expert maintenance and repair solutions. We're committed to ensuring a safe and enjoyable boating experience for you. Our team of skilled technicians specializes in addressing a variety of outboard motor issues, offering quality service and customer satisfaction as our top priorities.

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Expertise in Overheating Outboard Motors

Dealing with overheating in outboard motors requires expertise and precision. Our technicians near Wilbur, WA, utilize advanced diagnostic techniques to effectively resolve these issues, ensuring your motor's safety and optimal functionality.

Premium Spark Plug Replacement Services

The performance of your outboard motor significantly depends on well-maintained spark plugs. Our team offers premium spark plug replacement services, using high-quality products to improve your engine's efficiency and reliability.

Extensive Fuel System Overhaul

A fully functional fuel system is crucial for your outboard motor's performance and longevity. We offer extensive fuel system overhaul services, including cleaning clogged components and fuel filter replacement, to ensure clean fuel delivery and enhanced engine performance.

Reliable Battery Replacement and Care

Ensuring your outboard motor has a reliable battery is key to its consistent operation. Our professionals in Wilbur, WA, provide dependable battery replacement and care services, maintaining your motor's readiness for your boating activities.

Streamlined Contact Options

We make it easy for you to reach us for your outboard repair needs. Our website features streamlined contact options, allowing you to quickly receive a personalized quote for your boat, emphasizing our commitment to convenience and efficient service.

Professional Propeller Replacement and Sales

Choosing the right propeller is essential for optimal boat performance. We provide professional propeller replacement services and a variety of high-quality propellers for sale, helping you select the best fit for your outboard motor.

Innovative Fuel Filter Replacement Methods

Regular replacement of the fuel filter is vital for maintaining your outboard motor's efficiency. Our experts in Wilbur, WA, use innovative methods to replace old or clogged fuel filters, ensuring your engine receives clean fuel for improved performance and extended life.


Shadow Storage in Wilbur, WA, is dedicated to offering exceptional outboard repair services. Our team of experienced professionals is ready to handle a variety of maintenance and repair tasks, ensuring your boating experiences are enjoyable and hassle-free. Trust us for high-quality, reliable service that keeps your boat in top condition. Contact us today for unparalleled marine maintenance and care.


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