Specialized Boat Trailer Repair Services in Marcus, WA

Shadow Storage is excited to provide specialized boat trailer repair services to the Marcus, WA community. Our dedication to superior service quality and a commitment to customer satisfaction drive us to achieve excellence in every project. Utilizing advanced repair technologies and a cadre of seasoned professionals, we offer bespoke repair solutions tailored to the unique needs of your trailer, ensuring it's in perfect condition for your next aquatic outing.

boat trailer repair marcus, wa

Precision Wheel Alignment and Lug Nut Adjustments

Tackle wheel misalignment and lug nut issues head-on with our precision services. Serving Marcus, we perform meticulous inspections and adjustments, ensuring your trailer's wheels are correctly aligned and securely attached, enhancing both safety and reliability for your travels.

Cutting-Edge Hub and Bearing Maintenance Services

Efficient trailer operation relies on the pristine condition of its hubs and bearings. Our cutting-edge maintenance services include detailed diagnostics and the latest repair techniques, aimed at repairing or replacing these essential components, thereby improving your trailer's performance and safety on the road.

Electrical and Lighting System Modernization Services

Maintain your boat trailer’s electrical and lighting systems at their best with our modernization services. From complex electrical repairs to lighting upgrades, we ensure your trailer is fully equipped for safety and compliance, ready for towing under any conditions.

Comprehensive Brake System Repairs for Optimal Safety

The integrity of your trailer's brake system is vital for towing safety. Our comprehensive repair services involve in-depth inspections and the implementation of necessary repairs or updates, ensuring your trailer’s brakes are functioning flawlessly for safe and reliable operation.

Structural Repairs and Reinforcements for Enhanced Durability

Our structural repair and reinforcement services are designed to address any damage or wear your boat trailer has encountered. Using the latest repair technologies and superior materials, we reinforce your trailer's structure, ensuring its durability and readiness for adventure.

Efficient Tire Service for Ultimate Performance

Experience minimal downtime with our efficient tire service, designed to quickly get you back on the road. We offer a selection of high-performance tires, ensuring your trailer is equipped with the best options for durability and road performance, ready for any terrain.

Winch System Improvements for Seamless Operation

Ensure hassle-free boat loading and unloading with our winch system improvement services. We conduct thorough winch system evaluations, performing necessary repairs or upgrades, ensuring its reliability and ease of use for every adventure.

Easy Contact Options

Accessing top-tier boat trailer repair services in Marcus, WA, is straightforward with Shadow Storage. Our online presence offers convenient contact methods, making it easy to secure a customized quote and schedule the expert service your trailer needs. Contact us today for unparalleled service quality.


Shadow Storage is your destination for expert boat trailer repair services in Marcus, WA. Our commitment to excellence and comprehensive repair solutions ensure your trailer is perfectly prepped for your next water-bound adventure. Schedule your repair service with us today and enjoy the assurance of professional, reliable service.


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