Expert Boat Summerization Services at Shadow Storage in Harrison, ID

At Shadow Storage, located in Harrison, ID, we offer professional boat summerization services designed to prepare your vessel for the summer season. Our skilled team is committed to ensuring your boat is not only seaworthy but also in pristine condition. We focus on detailed and comprehensive summerization processes, making Shadow Storage the number one choice for boat owners in Harrison seeking exceptional service.

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Comprehensive Summerization Services
Your Boat’s Best Preparation for Summer at Shadow Storage

Checking Fluid Levels
Meticulous Fluid Level Restoration for Optimal Performance

At Shadow Storage, we understand the importance of fluid management in boat summerization. We meticulously replenish essential fluids like engine oil, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, and fresh gasoline. Additionally, we handle water tanks and onboard sinks, filling and treating them as needed. Our team also vigilantly checks for any leaks or damage that may have occurred during the winter.

Charge & Reconnect Battery
Thorough Battery Service for Reliable Operations

The battery is crucial for your boat's performance. We recharge the battery, inspect and clean the terminals to prevent corrosion, and reconnect all electronic components. Ensuring that safety features like lights and horns are operational is a key part of our summerization process.

New Impellers
Impeller Replacement for Engine Protection

Recognizing the importance of the impeller in maintaining engine temperature, we replace this vital component as needed, usually every 2-3 years. This preventive measure taken by Shadow Storage ensures your engine remains cool and efficient throughout the summer.

Diagnostics & Tune-Ups
Expert Engine Diagnostics and Tune-Ups for Smooth Sailing

Our certified technicians perform comprehensive tune-ups on your boat's engine, including replacing spark plugs, adjusting timing and idle speed, inspecting fuel lines and filters, and checking the ignition system. This detailed approach ensures your boat runs smoothly and efficiently.

Cleaning & Detailing
Professional Cleaning and Detailing for a Pristine Appearance

A clean and well-maintained boat is a source of pride. Our detailing service includes thorough cleaning and waxing, protecting your vessel from the sun and environmental elements. We ensure your boat looks its best as you head out onto the water for the first time in summer.

Shadow Storage in Harrison: Your Premier Choice for Boat Summerization

In Harrison, ID, Shadow Storage is your trusted partner for comprehensive boat summerization. Our dedication to detailed care, advanced techniques, and customer satisfaction positions us as the top choice for boat owners in the area. Contact us to schedule your boat’s summerization and embark on a summer of worry-free boating.

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