Premium Boat Storage Facility in Sprague, WA

Shadow Storage is excited to provide premium boat storage options to the Sprague, WA area. Our facility caters to boat owners who value utmost security, convenient access, and exceptional customer service. We offer a diverse array of storage solutions, each tailored to provide the best in class care and protection for your vessel.

boat storage facility sprague, wa

Optimal Security with 24/7 Key Code Access
We at Shadow Storage understand the importance of optimal security coupled with the convenience of access. Our facility's 24/7 key code access system allows you to reach your boat at any time, ensuring a secure environment. This system reflects our dedication to offering accessible, yet secure storage solutions.

Reinforced Perimeter Fencing for Enhanced Boat Protection
The safety of your boat is our primary concern at Shadow Storage. Our facility features reinforced 6-foot tall perimeter fencing, complete with barbed wire, effectively preventing unauthorized access and providing enhanced protection for your boat.

Vigilant On-Site Management for Dependable Security
Our facility is under the watchful eye of vigilant on-site management, ensuring continuous supervision and immediate response to any issues. This constant on-site presence guarantees a secure and well-managed environment for your boat.

Comprehensive Security Camera System for Total Surveillance
Shadow Storage utilizes a comprehensive security camera system, strategically placed to cover the entire area. These cameras are vital to our security strategy, providing continuous monitoring for the utmost safety of your boat.

Adequate Security Lighting for Nighttime Safety
Effective lighting is crucial for security and safety. Our facility is equipped with adequate security lighting, ensuring the area is well-lit at all times, particularly during the night. This not only improves security but also ensures safe access to your boat at any hour.

Various Storage Options for All Needs
Shadow Storage offers a range of storage options, including both indoor and outdoor facilities, to accommodate different needs and preferences. Whether you're looking for complete environmental protection in our indoor storage or the convenience of our outdoor options, we have the right storage solution for your boat.

Expert Boat Cleaning and Maintenance Services
In addition to storage, we offer expert boat cleaning and maintenance services. Regular, thorough cleaning and proper maintenance are essential for maintaining your boat’s condition and performance, and our experienced team is dedicated to keeping your vessel in excellent condition.

Easy-to-Use Contact Methods and Customized Services
Contacting us for your boat storage needs is straightforward and hassle-free. Our website offers an easy process for obtaining personalized quotes, supported by our responsive customer service team, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience with Shadow Storage.

Shadow Storage, ideally located near Sprague, WA, is your top choice for secure, accessible, and high-quality boat storage. Our advanced security features, diverse storage options, and comprehensive boat care services establish us as a leader in the storage industry. Contact us today to ensure the best care and protection for your boat.


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