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Welcome to Shadow Storage, your premier destination for outstanding boat repair and maintenance services in Colville, WA. Our facility is dedicated to providing the highest standard of service, catering to the unique needs of boat owners in the region. With a team of experienced technicians and the latest repair technology, we ensure your vessel receives the best care. Our services range from routine maintenance to comprehensive repairs, all aimed at enhancing your boat's performance and longevity.

boat repair shop colville, wa

Expert Engine Enhancement and Comprehensive Repair Services
Our Colville location specializes in expert engine enhancement and comprehensive repair services. We use advanced diagnostic equipment to optimize your boat's engine performance, focusing on efficiency, reliability, and power.

Professional Hull and Fiberglass Repair and Maintenance
We offer high-quality hull and fiberglass repair and maintenance services. Our skilled technicians use premium materials and innovative techniques to ensure your boat’s hull maintains its strength and aesthetic appeal.

Cutting-Edge Navigation and Electronic System Installations
Enhance your boating experience with our cutting-edge navigation and electronic system installations. We provide the latest marine technology solutions, customized to improve your vessel's safety and navigational ease in Colville.

Thorough Propulsion and Steering System Maintenance
Our thorough propulsion and steering system maintenance services ensure your boat operates smoothly and efficiently. We focus on detailed care and repairs, maintaining the functionality and safety of these essential systems.

Simple and Efficient Boat Service Scheduling in Colville, WA
Scheduling boat repair services in Colville, WA, is made simple and efficient with Shadow Storage. Our online booking system allows for easy access to our professional services, ensuring your boat is always ready for the water.

Shadow Storage in Colville, WA, is committed to providing superior boat repair and maintenance services. Our dedication to utilizing advanced technology, skilled craftsmanship, and a focus on customer satisfaction ensures your vessel is treated with the utmost care. Contact us today for a customized quote and unparalleled boat service.


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Shadow Storage Is Your Locally Owned and Operated Choice For Boat Storage and Marine Mechanical work in the Spokane, WA and Lake Roosevelt region.



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