Shadow Storage: Masterful Boat Detailing in Kettle Falls, WA

Shadow Storage, serving the Kettle Falls, WA area, is renowned for its exceptional boat detailing services. Our team of dedicated professionals is committed to enhancing the beauty and preserving the condition of your boat. Specializing in thorough interior cleaning and precise attention to boat components, Shadow Storage is the leading choice for boat owners in Kettle Falls seeking superior detailing services.

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Enhanced Interior Boat Detailing

Redefining Boat Care Excellence in Kettle Falls

Precision Vacuuming

Extensive Vacuuming for a Pristinely Clean Boat Interior

Our in-depth vacuuming process ensures that every interior section of your boat, including storage compartments, is meticulously cleaned, removing all dirt, sand, and debris. This vital first step in our detailing process prepares the boat for a comprehensive and effective cleaning, improving the overall hygiene and aesthetics of the boat's interior.

Scrubbing Mastery

'Scrubbing Mastery': Advanced Technique for Interior Boat Cleanliness

At Shadow Storage, our 'Scrubbing Mastery' method entails a thorough cleaning of all floors and non-upholstered surfaces using eco-friendly soaps and gentle scrubbing tools. This technique not only ensures a deep clean but also protects the materials, enhancing the interior appearance of your boat.

Upholstery and Carpet Transformation

Innovative Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning

Our advanced upholstery and carpet cleaning services utilize the latest innovations in products and methods. We effectively remove stains and rejuvenate these areas, ensuring your boat's interior seating and carpets are not just clean, but also well-preserved and visually appealing.

Metal Detailing Expertise

Expert Metal Polishing for Aesthetic and Protective Enhancement

Our metal polishing service is designed to restore the shine of your boat's metal features and protect them from environmental wear. This important step not only improves the boat's visual appeal but also contributes to its overall maintenance and durability.

Glass Cleaning Excellence

State-of-the-Art Glass Cleaning for Unmatched Clarity

Our glass cleaning service ensures all windows and glass surfaces on your boat are perfectly clear, enhancing your navigational experience. We use advanced, streak-free cleaning solutions to achieve a flawless, spotless finish on all glass components.


Shadow Storage: Kettle Falls’ Premier Destination for Boat Detailing
At Shadow Storage in Kettle Falls, WA, we are dedicated to offering the highest standard in boat detailing services. Our commitment to expert care, meticulous attention to detail, and customer satisfaction positions us as the preferred choice for those seeking "boat detailing near me." Contact us to schedule your boat detailing service and experience the exceptional quality and care that Shadow Storage offers.

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