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Shadow Storage, located conveniently close to Othello, WA, is renowned for its expert boat exterior cleaning services. We offer a range of services including detailed hull cleaning, acid wash treatments, and comprehensive boat waxing, all designed to cater to the Othello boating community.

boat cleaning othello, wa

Advanced Hull Cleaning for Peak Performance

Our hull cleaning near Othello focuses on maintaining your boat’s aesthetic and functionality. Using modern methods, we effectively remove marine buildup and residues.

Custom Acid Wash for Hull Rejuvenation

Targeting common problems like hull stains and discoloration, our acid wash service near Othello restores your boat's hull to its original shine with safe and effective solutions.

Premium Boat Waxing for Enduring Protection

We offer premium boat waxing services near Othello, applying high-grade waxes to ensure a lasting protective layer and enhanced appearance for your boat.

Detail-Oriented Boat Care for Othello Boaters

For "boat detailing" or "cleaning services" near Othello, Shadow Storage is the go-to choice. Our meticulous approach guarantees thorough care for every part of your boat.

Your Trusted Boat Care Partner in Othello, WA

At Shadow Storage near Othello, WA, we are dedicated to providing top-notch boat cleaning and maintenance services. Our team's expertise and use of advanced techniques ensure your vessel is in expert hands. Contact us for superior service and to keep your boat in prime condition.

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